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Article IX: Advisory Commissions

Sec. 130. General provisions concerning advisory commissions.Go to the top

At any time after the organization of the council elected under the provisions of this charter, the council by ordinance may create and provide for such advisory commissions as it may deem advisable; provided, that a library commission is hereby created, and the council shall, within ninety days from its organization, appoint the members thereof.

Each of such commissions, including the library commission, shall be composed of five city residents, appointed by the council, not all of one sex, who are well known for their ability, probity, public spirit, and particular fitness to serve on such respective commissions and who are at least eighteen years old and who have resided in the city of Boulder for at least one year immediately prior to their appointment to serve on the commission. When first constituted, the council shall designate the terms for which each member is appointed so that the term of one commissioner shall expire on December 31 of each year; and thereafter the council shall by March of each year appoint one member to serve for a term of five years. The council shall have the power to remove any commissioner for non-attendance to duties or for cause. All vacancies shall be filled by the council. When first appointed and annually thereafter following the council's appointment of the commissioner, each commission shall organize by appointing a chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary; all commissioners shall serve without compensation, but the secretary of any commission, if not a member, may receive a salary to be fixed by the council; any commission shall have power to make rules for the conduct of its business. All commissioners shall serve until their successors are appointed.

All commissions shall hold regular monthly meetings. Special meetings may be called at any time upon due notice by three members. Three members shall constitute a quorum, and the affirmative vote of at least three members shall be necessary to authorize any action by the commission.

All commissions shall keep accounts and records of their respective transactions, and at the end of each quarter or more often, if requested by the council, and at the end of each fiscal year shall furnish to the council a detailed report of receipts and expenditures and a statement of other business transacted.

The chair of a commission shall preside at the meetings thereof and sign, execute, acknowledge, and deliver for the commission all contracts and writings of every kind required or authorized to be signed or delivered by the commission. The signature of the chair shall be attested by the secretary.

The commissions shall have the right to the floor of the council to speak on plans and expenditures proposed or to appeal for a decision in a failure to agree with another commission or the manager.

Wherever there shall be suitable accommodations in the city building, the offices of the commissions shall be maintained there. (Amended by Ord. No. 6007 (1998), 2, adopted by electorate on November 3, 1998. Further amended by Ord. No. 7914 (2013), 2, adopted by electorate on November 5, 2013.)*

Civil Service Commission

Sec. 131. Council may create.Go to the top

(Repealed by Ord. No. 5575 (1993), 1, adopted by electorate on November 2, 1993.)

Library Commission

Sec. 132. General powers of library commission.Go to the top

Under the direction of the city manager the library commission shall have control of the public library, branches thereof, and reading rooms that may at present exist or that may be hereafter established or acquired; and all leases of grounds and buildings for such purposes; of the administration of gifts and trusts; and power to do any and all things necessary or expedient in connection with library purposes.

Sec. 133. Title and custody of property.Go to the top

The title to all property, real and personal, now owned or hereafter acquired by purchase, gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise for the purpose of the library or reading rooms, when not inconsistent with the terms of its acquisition, shall vest in the City of Boulder, and the commission shall take charge of and have the management and custody of the same.

Sec. 134. Powers of the commission acting with the city manager.Go to the top

The commission, with the approval of the city manager, and by a majority vote of all its members, to be recorded in its minutes with ayes and noes, shall have power:

(a) To make and enforce all rules, regulations, and bylaws necessary for the administration, government, and protection of the library and reading rooms and branches thereof and all property belonging thereto or that may be loaned thereto.

(b) To administer any trust declared or created for such library and reading rooms and branches thereof and provide memorial tablets and niches to perpetuate the memory of those who may make valuable donations thereto.

(c) To define the powers and prescribe the duties of all the officers and employees.

(d) To purchase books, journals, publications, and other supplies.

(e) To order the drawing and payment upon vouchers, certified by the chair and secretary to the city manager, of money from the library funds, for any liability or authorized expenditure.

(f) To establish such branches of the library and reading rooms as the growth of the city may justify.*

Sec. 135. Library appropriation.Go to the top

The city council shall make an annual appropriation, which shall amount to not less than the return of one-third of a mill tax levied upon each dollar of assessed valuation of all taxable property in the City of Boulder. All revenue from such tax, together with all other moneys collected by the librarian or that may be derived by gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise, for library purposes, shall be paid into the city treasury and be designated as the "Library Fund"; and be applied to the purposes herein authorized. If such payment into the treasury should be inconsistent with the conditions and terms of any such gift, devise, or bequest, the library commission shall provide for the safety of the same and the application thereof to the use of the library, branches thereof, and reading rooms, in accordance with the terms and conditions of such gift, devise, or bequest.

Sec. 136. Library reports.Go to the top

In addition to the matters required by this charter to be reported annually by the library commission, there shall also be a statement of the number of books and periodicals on hand, the number of visitors, and such other information as the city manager may deem to be of general interest.

* Indicates those sections in which reference to gender were neutralized by Ord. No. 4602, November 3, 1981.

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