Boulder Revised Code

Updated through Supplement 122F, December 2014

Disclaimer: The City of Boulder Revised B.R.C. 1981, ("B.R.C.") is provided on this website as a public service of Boulder, Colorado. This internet version of the B.R.C. is different in layout, format, and structure from the published B.R.C. and is not the official version. The official B.R.C. is the original B.R.C. as supplemented and published in written form quarterly. Always refer to the official B.R.C. and prepared text when preparing any documents or making reference to the provisions of the City of Boulder Revised Code 1981.

The official B.R.C. can be located in Central Records in the City of Boulder Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado. A hard copy can be located in the main branch of the Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, Colorado 80302.

Text affected by recently adopted ordinances is highlighted in yellow throughout this internet version of the B.R.C. The highlights will be removed when the next printed supplement is completed.

Supplement 121 contains all modifications to the Boulder Revised Code by ordinance through Ordinance No. 8013, adopted November 18, 2014, including Ordinance No. 7981


Title 1 General Administration

Title 2 Government Organization

Title 3 Revenue and Taxation

Title 4 Licenses and Permits

Title 5 General Offenses

Title 6 Health, Safety and Sanitation

Title 7 Regulation of Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Parking

Title 8 Parks, Open Space, Streets, and Public Ways

Title 9 Land Use Regulation

Title 10 Structures

Title 11 Utilities and Airport

Title 12 Human Rights

Title 13 Elections and Campaign Disclosures and Activities

Title 14 Arts

Ordinances Pending Codification

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